Work Plan 5 (WP5) - Ongoing


Development of novel and sustainable treatment solutions for (urban areas): This work package is aimed to

  • Investigate and develop lab scale treatment solutions and field demonstration using novel approaches;
  • Optimise our developed fabrication technique to advance the synthesis of the graphene adsorbents, test their ECs treatment efficiency and recovery potential and package the optimised novel adsorbents for trials in India; and
  • Nvestigate the performance of energy efficient membranes for ECs removal and explore strategies for further efficiency gains.

Work Plan 6 (WP6) - Ongoing


Decision support system (DSS) for the selection of sustainable management strategies:

  • WP6 is aimed to develop a user friendly multi-criteria based DSS based on multi objective optimisation capable of automatically generating optimal wastewater management strategies (treatment technologies combinations) for different contexts and scales.
  • UoE is also involved in the other work packages.